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Stronger Together

We’re proud of our strong working relationships across multiple organisations helping kiwi to thrive on Taranaki Maunga, working with Taranaki Kiwi Trust, Rotokare Sanctuary (including Taranaki Kiwi Kōhanga at Rotokare) Te Ara Taiao and East Taranaki Environment Trust. It’s no simple undertaking working across multiple organisations involving complex logistics and kiwi that like to do their own thing.  We’re guided in our relationship by our values Mana Motuhake/ Authority, Te Tirohangaroa/ Forward Looking, Manaakitanga/ Reciprocity and Kotahitanga / Collaboration. Those values essentially mean we’re committed to working together in a spirit of generosity, care and respect, without duplicating efforts so we can achieve a bold transformational shift in the Taranaki taiao. Staff and volunteers also get on with the job helped by being professional, having genuine respect for each other and a good dose of humour. 

Taranaki Kiwi Trust leads the kiwi monitoring programme. This season 41 birds are being monitored on Taranaki Maunga and Kaitake, following a series of successful kiwi releases with 23 kiwi being rehomed from Taranaki Kōhanga Kiwi at Rotokare and the Save the Kiwi ONE programme. Te Papakura o Taranaki now has 170 kiwi that have been released over the years. A fantastic group of volunteers are involved in monitoring and translocation, estimated at 896 hours this year. Of the 9 volunteers helping monitor kiwi on Taranaki Maunga, most have been helping since 2018. This year about 410 hours have been devoted to tracking kiwi on the mountain. The Kaitake Rangers Conservation Trust has played a huge job of keeping tabs on kiwi on Kaitake as well as checking and rebaiting traplines. Te Ara Taiao has helped with kiwi tracking and played a vital role in co-ordinating the kiwi release events, which means tamariki from a range of schools get to see a kiwi up close and be part of monitoring them.


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